10 Facts About Bisola Aiyeola’s complied Bimbo Ademoye on her birthday.


La Familia it is Abimbola Aisha Ademoye Day ❤️❤️❤️and so, I’m gonna Mention 10 Amazing Things about Bimbo.
1,Her love for pepper
2 she uses pepper to Brush her teeth
3 her lipstick is a bulb of ata rodo
4 she drinks ata rodo smoothies for breakfast
5 she sprinkles dry pepper in her body lotion
6 Tomato is her enemy
7 she loves bouquets of Rodo
8 she eats raw pepper to relive headaches
9 her favorite scent is Eau de ATA rodo
10 she has a pepper plantation in kwara state.

“But for real though Fam, Her birthday is just 2 weeks after mine and it’s no surprise that our energies match 💯 . Bimbo is such a talented, super hardworking young woman. Her Love for her Family is so beautiful to see, her support as a sister to me is so special to me, she very often doesn’t remember that she is a queen and a star girl so guys today, Abeg help me remind her that she’s the Bestest,most talented human and that she deserves the best in all spheres of her life.
Dear @bimboademoye We Dey giddigba for each other so just call my name and I’ll be there Because I love you.
I’ll ride with you, I’ll rock with you,I cover you, I’ve got your back and your coconut head Till the wheels fall off and I pray our Dms never leak 😂😂😂. Love you Rabuuuuuuromiiiiiiiiiii and please if you Dey cook today help me reduce the pepper 🫑 🌶️ small😂😂😂😂.”


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