Actress Rahama Sadau urges governments to fund Nollywood.


A movie producer and actress, Rahama Sadau, has urged the Nigerian government to fund the movie industry, adding that lack of funds is affecting the production of quality movies in Nollywood.

Speaking in Abuja at the premiere of a movie, β€˜The Plan,’ she said, β€œThe government should look into the creative industry so that we can be a greater industry.

β€œLack of funding has been a major setback for the entire industry. We have a lot of talents. We have a lot of creatives, yet we have no or little funding.

β€œWe have almost 90% of filmmakers who bring in their money to produce films. So, what I will always plead is for government involvement. We have seen Avatar, Wakanda, and others. It is not just one person that made the movie, there are a lot of producers.

The movie, β€˜The Plan,’ portraying the culture of the northern people of Nigeria, is set to premiere on Netflix on Friday, February 3, 2023.

The movie which premiered in Abuja on Saturday night, with a plot based on trust and loyalty, would be the first northern-Nigeria-focused film on Netflix, with a majority of the cast, and the executive producers being from the northern part of the country.

The series, directed by Dimbo Atiya, and produced by Rahama Sadau and Safina Mohamed, feature a number of movie industry stars including Ali Nuhu, Mofe Duncan, Rosaline Churchill, and Yakubu Mohammed, amongst others.

Sadau and Nuhu who spoke to journalists also noted that the movie was expected to attract and bring more Hausa speaking people across the African continent, and Nigerians from the northern region on Netflix.


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