Actress Wumi Toriola: “My marriage fell apart”


Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has finally cleared up her marriage rumors and confirmed that she has separated from her husband. She also responded to allegations of abuse against him during their marriage, stating that the allegations were false. Rumors of the actress’s marriage spread on social media after she took part in a TikTok viral challenge in which she admitted she was single.

Celebrity blogger Gistlover also hinted at the marriage, claiming the actress’ depiction of violence ended the union.

To clear up the rumors, she wrote on her Instagram page on Tuesday, “I’ve been getting a lot of media attention lately for my marriage. One year. Sorry, I don’t want drama, so I didn’t tell my fans.” However, yesterday I saw a report that I was abusive during my married life and attacked my mother-in-law. It was reported that my ex-husband fabricated these lies.

By the way, I’m not a bully. I have never had affairs with anyone and have never been abusive in my marriage.

The most painful thing about the report was that I hit my mother. It’s not just a personal attack, it’s satanic. It goes against everything I stand for and believe in. As an educated Yoruba woman, please touch your parents. β€œActually, my mother was more than 20 years too late. And I never let go of my mother-in-law’s hand. This has never happened and will never happen. My family, my ex’s family and my neighbors can attest to this.

May those who spread rumors and those who spread them prosper, and pray that God will reward each of us according to the work done by our own hands. β€œI focus on the next step and move on from the past. I advise everyone to do the same.” Toriola married her husband on May 13, 2018 and they have a son.








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