Adesegun Adeosun, Founder of SMADE Lounge, Receives Honorable Reception at Westminster Office


In an unprecedented meeting, Adesegun Adeosun Jr., popularly known as SMADE, engaged in a fruitful discussion with the Honorable MP of Ilford South, Sam Tarry, at the esteemed Westminster office. The agenda? The future trajectory of one of his thriving businesses, SMADE Lounge.

SMADE x Honorable MP of Ilford South, Sam Tarry

Here are the highlights from this momentous encounter:

Adeosun has consistently championed African culture and entertainment. His brainchild, SMADE Lounge, stands as a testament to his commitment. The meeting with MP Sam Tarry signifies a bridge between political leadership and entrepreneurial innovation.

Adeosun expressed his enthusiasm for working alongside MP Tarry to create a harmonious connection between communities. As he eloquently puts it, they aim to be the “bridge” that merges diverse backgrounds and impacts lives positively.

SMADE x Honorable MP of Ilford South, Sam Tarry

The Honorable MP graciously provided Adeosun and his dedicated team at Smadeevents an exclusive tour of the historic Parliament and the iconic Westminster Hall. This behind-the-scenes exploration allowed them to gain insights into the inner workings of British governance.

In these challenging times, MP Tarry’s guidance and consultation were invaluable. Adeosun expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support and wisdom imparted during their conversation.

SMADE x Honorable MP of Ilford South, Sam Tarry

The successful meeting exemplifies the power of collaboration, transcending racial and cultural boundaries. As he aptly stated, “Sometimes black people don’t like to support one another until it is successful.” This achievement defied doubters and naysayers, echoing the spirit of unity and progress.

SMADE Lounge, located in the heart of East London, continues to thrive as an afro-centric bar and lounge frequented by Africa’s biggest artists and celebrities. Adeosun’s unwavering commitment to showcasing the best of African entertainment to the world remains unshaken.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking partnership and also anticipate an exclusive feature detailing Smade’s global impact in our magazine, as we celebrate Africa Month 2024.

SMADE x Honorable MP of Ilford South, Sam Tarry


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