African imagery can be enhanced with music – Christiana Igbokwe.


Christiana, granddaughter of the late singer Christy Essien-Igbokwe, says she is passionate about changing the face of the African continent through her music.

The 10-year-old singer, who recently released her third album, Motherland, told Saturday Beats: β€œThe new Extended Play album tells the story of Africa through music. Through education and empowerment of girls, those who can lift them out of poverty. I believe that the image of Africa can be cleansed through music and other forms of art.”

She added that Africans must pay to rebuild the continent. β€œWe must rekindle strong family ties and deep bonds with our communities and instill pride in our music, art and dance,” she said.

Our roots and cultural diversity make us who we are. It makes us authentic and keeps us grounded. Thus, when we interact with others and build international relations, we can build bridges of trust, respect, development and understanding between cultures.”

Songs on the EP include β€˜Dreams’, β€˜Oge Mme Mme’, β€˜On God (Agbada)’, β€˜Let’s Change the System’, and β€˜She’s a Woman and Fly’.




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