Almost got kicked out of college for sex scene with Jim Ike – Lillian Afegbai.


According to Lilian Afegbai, she almost got kicked out of school for a sex scene with Jim Ike.

In one of the interviews, the movie star spoke about his early acting experience.

Afegbai said she would have to face a disciplinary tribunal at Benson Idahosa University (BIU) in Benin’s Edo state.

She described film work as the first in which she combined her education and film career. β€œI started playing BIU full-time.

I almost got kicked out of school for having sex with Jim Ike in the first movie I made.

Therefore the film came out, I was young,” said Afegbai.

β€œIt was just a lot, and people at school, you know, they’re jealous now.

People started talking to our pastor’s wife, Seb, and they said that I was filming illegal scenes and fixing the panels, and they brought the film to the school.”

I think that’s what they are. It’s a Christian school, and when people start talking about the school and getting something out of it, you’re actually face to face with the committee. I’m a Christian.

β€œI would never do anything that would compromise my Christian faith, but this is mother’s play and this is fake.




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