Almost got kicked out of college for sex scene with Jim Ike – Lillian Afegbai.

According to Lilian Afegbai, she almost got kicked out of school for a sex scene with Jim Ike.

In one of the interviews, the movie star spoke about his early acting experience.

Afegbai said she would have to face a disciplinary tribunal at Benson Idahosa University (BIU) in Benin’s Edo state.

She described film work as the first in which she combined her education and film career. “I started playing BIU full-time.

I almost got kicked out of school for having sex with Jim Ike in the first movie I made.

Therefore the film came out, I was young,” said Afegbai.

“It was just a lot, and people at school, you know, they’re jealous now.

People started talking to our pastor’s wife, Seb, and they said that I was filming illegal scenes and fixing the panels, and they brought the film to the school.”

I think that’s what they are. It’s a Christian school, and when people start talking about the school and getting something out of it, you’re actually face to face with the committee. I’m a Christian.

“I would never do anything that would compromise my Christian faith, but this is mother’s play and this is fake.