Dayo Amusa releases music video for new song ‘Somo’

The talented artist Dayo Amusa, who has dominated the film industry for over 20 years, has proven once again that she is the best actress in Nollywood by releasing many songs and showcasing her singing skills. “Mosorire” opened a music bank in 2023 with the release of the music video for the new song “Somo”, produced by royal songwriter Puffy Tee

Commenting on the new song, Dayo said that you will see significant growth with “Consumption” compared to her previous work, and encourages her fans and followers to stream the new song, enjoy the tune, and share it across multiple platforms.

It contains previous songs like Aye Mi, Mosorire, Mama’s Love, Blow My Mind, Ife Foju and more. This new video promises another amazing release from the screen goddess.