Baby’s mother Grace alleged Yomi as a Fibber person


Grace Jimoh, the baby mother of actor, Yomi Fabiyi’s son, has described him as a player, liar and childish person. She also debunked claims that she snatched him from her friend.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I don’t even know her (alleged friend). Yomi planned the lies very well. When I saw the video of him and the girl, I asked her about it and she said I should not worry because they were no longer together. The way he described the lady to me portrayed that there was nothing between them. He was just trying to play games.

“He was actually the one who invited me to come to Lagos in March 2021. He was planning to celebrate my birthday with me on April 4, 2021. That was what brought me to Lagos. He had not seen me before I came to Lagos. If he was not committed to being in a relationship with me, he would not have written, ‘Happy birthday my love’, on my cake. I noticed he was serious with our relationship and I liked him. He is just being childish with his recent claims against me. We were never married. We only had a child together.”

Reacting to allegations of domestic violence leveled against her by Yomi, she said, “In the video he posted on social media, I was heavily pregnant there. He said I pushed him out of the house. That was not true because we were both outside. All those videos he posted did not prove anything. He lives keeping fake evidence that does not prove anything.”

She also admitted that she felt hurt by Princess’ curses on her child. She said, “I have no issue with Princess. It was because Yomi supported Baba Ijesha during the child molestation issue that made her lay a curse on his son. Bringing children into the issue hurt me.”

On if she feels worried that other people may also lay curses on her child because of Yomi’s controversial lifestyle, she said, “It does not bother me because no one is God. It is well.”



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