BamBam reveals next step after daughter’s request for gender reassignment surgery


Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Bamike Olawunmi Adenibuyan, popularly known as Bambam has shared some unique parenting advice on a topic that many parents shy away from.

The mother of two has shared her top tips for preventing her daughters’ gender changes.

According to Bambam, in a recent podcast, she stated that if her child ever asks her for a gender change, she will reorient and teach her about the importance of maintaining her gender

However, according to her, if she insists on changing her gender, she will pray to God for help in changing her mind.

Bambam further added that she would influence her daughter’s choice by exposing both her own and the intimate portions of the opposing gender, to make the child know the difference, but not a physical man.

She said, “If my child tells me ‘mom I want to become a boy’ I would ask questions and I will reorient and educate and still tell the child to decide while I go on my knees and tell my father in heaven to fix his mind.

” Biologically, I will show her my own and show the girl’s own and say ‘look we have the same thing, daddy’s own is different’ I’m going to open a book.

” I won’t bring a naked man to show her but I will show her this is what boys have that makes them boys, this is what girls have that makes them girls and according to history and according to creation.

“God created women this way and men this way. Or I will go on my knees and tell my father in heaven to fix her mind.”

Bambam had earlier opened up about overcoming depression and embracing her new figure after giving birth to her second child.

In an interview with television host Stephanie Coker, Bambam revealed that she had endured relentless online bullying because of her extra size.

Bambam acknowledged that in order to handle people’s harsh evaluation of them, she had to get tougher.

According to Bambam, her spouse, Teddy A didn’t make her feel bad because he appreciated big women.

She said, “They came for my jugular. They said a lot of nasty things and one day I was just like, who are you people, who give una mind to talk to me anyhow.

You guys are inexistence. I said I was going to go through this when I am ready to hop and snap back. Before my second baby, I had lost some weights.

She added, “I used to be size 8 and I went from that to size 14 to 16 (after pregnancy). I didn’t expect it, but thank God, Teddy likes his woman big, so he never made me feel bad about it”.


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