Blaqbonez talks “Stealing” his Name & Album “Young Preacher” on “Tea With Tay”

In an interview with Taymesan, host of the Tea With Tay Podcast, popular Nigerian young rapper, Emeka Akumefule, known professionally as Blaqbonez, narrates how he got his stage name “Blaqbonez”.

The rapper reveals that the name does not originally belong to him. “I stole it. It was my friend’s name. I’m serious. His name was BlaqBonez. He wasn’t using it for anything. He liked rap, so he gave himself a rap name. He wasn’t even a rapper. He wasn’t doing anything. So one day I just said, bro, no dey use this name. I like am. And that’s how I started bearing Blaqbonez. I swear”.

In the interview, the rapper reveals a lot more about himself before fame and how he hustled his way to succeed.

Watch the full interview here: