By accepting an appointment to the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Caroline Danjuma pledged a lifelong commitment to Nollywood.

Nollywood actress and aspiring politician, Caroline Danjuma has bagged an appointment with Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Sharing the good news on her Instagram page, Caroline expressed that she is honored to serve an industry that believes in her and provides a platform to showcase her talents. Promising her dedication, Caroline said she was always ready to serve and serve Nollywood’s success. Billionaire warrior Danjum’s ex-wife.

Extremely honored to serve an industry that believed in me and gave me a platform to showcase my talent. Always available to serve and deliver to the success of Nollywood.

Work begins… May God bless my steps, may I be a blessing to AGN and the family @actorsguildofnigeria”.

This month has no doubt been a winning month for Caroline Danjuma as she continues to soar high in her career.