COP 28: Cooperative Efforts Essential in Addressing the Climate Crisis


Global leaders from government and business have gathered in Dubai for COP 28, the latest “Conference of the Parties,” spanning from November 30 to December 12, to assess advancements in the 2015 Paris Agreement addressing climate change.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of African business leaders at COP28, particularly amid the continent’s climate emergency, I take pride in being part of the African Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC).

Committed to advancing sustainable growth, prosperity, and development in Africa, our dedication extends beyond corporate pledges, embodying a collective resolve to fulfill climate commitments.

At COP28, we will advocate for an enabling policy environment for sustainable development and climate action in collaboration with Africa’s private sector.

I firmly believe that achieving progress toward the Paris Agreement goals in Africa requires a robust public-private partnership within a framework of established rules and incentives.

Gone are the days when desirable outcomes were assumed achievable with a minister’s stroke of a pen, just as we’ve abandoned the notion that businesses alone can conjure public goods and services.

As an ABLC representative, I urge African businesses and governments to unite, collaborate, and focus on the future for the progress, prosperity, and sustainability of our continent.

Airtel Africa, serving 14 markets in sub-Saharan Africa, is acutely aware of the region’s challenges, including the severe impacts of climate change.

We are tirelessly working to reduce carbon emissions throughout our operations and supply chain, pledging a 62% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2032, with net zero absolute emissions by 2050.

Through initiatives like ‘Project Green’ and joining the partnership to eliminate open waste burning, we are committed to environmental stewardship.

Collaboration is paramount in combating climate change and unlocking Africa’s potential.

At COP28, the ABLC will advocate for government regulatory support, decarbonization targets in beneficial areas, and increased access to climate financing.

Governments, regulatory bodies, and development partners must play a crucial role in creating an enabling environment for increased access to climate finance and clean technology.

Airtel Africa’s corporate purpose is to ‘transform lives,’ and I urge others to join us in this journey.

Public-private cooperation is more critical than ever in catalyzing innovative solutions for a more sustainable world.

COP 28 serves as a global stocktake, evaluating progress towards Paris climate goals, with results informing a rapid-response plan for further advancement.

Now is the time for African businesses, including Airtel Africa, to showcase our collective determination in fulfilling climate commitments.

I am Ogunsanya, Group Chief Executive of Airtel Africa.



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