Cozeboys Jersey by Segun Olusemo is now available, with only 2000 pieces available. 


As previously stated, the energetic son of grace, popularly known as Sheggz, has an official release Cozeboys jersey for sale now, which he announced on his Twitter page with the caption: 2,000 jerseys are available on pre order. Send a screenshot of your payment receipt to as well as your delivery address to validate your order. A representative will contact you. Delivery and official launch will be on the 21/10/2022″

After the announcement, some people started setting up Facebook pages that promoted the brand in an effort to defraud prospective customers.

Prior to the release, He informed the fans and customers who were waiting in line to buy the merchandise that the release date had been changed from the planned release date due to some clarification so that a portion of the revenues would go to a breast cancer charity organization before the release.


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