Crossdresser Bobrisky has been following the girls running after fans gave him a million dollars for looking good.


Popular drag queen Bobrisky put many running girls to shame after one fan sent him a million dollars for being handsome. Bobrisky shared a screenshot of the credit notice and claimed that a fan sent him a large sum of money to honor her beauty. Bobrisky said fans told him they didn’t want anything. Bobrisky describes him as a guy and boasts that he can make a lot of money doing nothing.
Throwing a shade at runs girls, she noted how they have to spend the weekend with a man before making such money.

Someone just sent me 1,000,000 here. He said send me your account am sending you money just so appreciate ur BEAUTY. He said he didn’t want anything from me thou. Awwww my type of men”.

β€œBitch I just collected 1million for looking pretty. That’s some of you hater money for runs to spend weekend in a man house. Bitch learn from BOBRISKY”.


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