Don’t beg for spiritual solutions to your physical problems – Mary Njoku

Nollywood actress Mary Njoku warned Nigerians not to get too spiritual in the upcoming elections.

Mary announced this on her Instagram page on Sunday. He warned Nigerians not to bother God with their health problems.

He stressed that despite the abundance of churches and mosques, Nigerians still lack access to food, security, infrastructure, good roads and physical justice.

Mary also added in her words, “God has given us the gift of life and we must use it to solve our problems.” She said, “Dear Nigeria. If you have a physical problem. Don’t mention spiritual solutions. “There is an anointing because there are many churches and mosques in Nigeria. But we lack food, infrastructure, security, health, roads, and physical justice.

Jesus fed the crowd with physical fish and bread. Not spiritual.

“Even with all our prayers, God still never punish the bad politicians. Isn’t this a sign that we should stop disturbing him with our physical problems.

“If you don’t want him, vote against him on Saturday!

She added, “God will not let him’ Are you joking? God is aware of the suffering and killings. He let them happen.

We need a physical solution, so stop bothering God. He has given us the gift of Life. Let’s use it to solve our problems!!”