Experience Unforgettable African Adventures with Goge Africa


Goge Africa (GA) is a pan-African tourism and cultural programme, which was founded in the year 1999. It was conceptualized and anchored by a Nigerian couple, Isaac and Nneka Moses. The program is watched by over 40millions television (TV) viewers across the globe.

On 1 October 1999, GA premiered on Nigerian TV ;African Independent Television (AIT), Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 10, and Degue Broadcasting Network (DBN).It was later aired on MNET AFRICA MAGIC.


The recording of GA started in Nigeria and moved to Benin Republic, South Africa and Egypt with the plan to cover all countries in Africa. The show was established to showcase the richness of African culture, dance, food, clothes and tourism.


In the year 2016, the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit award (NBMA) inducted the two presenters of the program into Nigerian Broadcasters Hall of Fame. In 2005, the organization launched GA foundation with the aim of mentoring Nigerian youths.


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