Google unveils ‘Gemini,’ an AI model touted to surpass ChatGPT in performance


Microsoft has reaped significant benefits from its alliance, witnessing a market value surge of over 50% this year, fueled by investor confidence in AI’s lucrative potential.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has similarly gained, with its market value increasing by approximately $500 billion, or 45%, this year.

Despite heightened anticipation for Gemini, OpenAI’s latest venture, its launch had minimal impact on Alphabet’s stock during Wednesday’s morning trading.

Concerns about OpenAI deviating from its initial mission to safeguard humanity have risen as Microsoft deepens its involvement, coupled with OpenAI’s more assertive push into commercializing its products.

The recent abrupt firing and subsequent reappointment of CEO Sam Altman, amid trust-related disputes, heightened worries and threatened the company’s stability.

With Gemini’s introduction, OpenAI faces the challenge of demonstrating its technological superiority over Google. Eli Collins, Google DeepMind’s VP of Product, expressed awe at Gemini’s capabilities during a virtual press conference.

While Gemini outperforms GPT-4 in various benchmarks, including multiple-choice exams and grade-school math, challenges persist in advancing AI models’ higher-level reasoning skills.

The unveiling of Gemini lacked specific details on parameter count, a key measure of model complexity.

Despite progress in factuality, Gemini remains an unsolved research problem, with acknowledged limitations in large language models prone to errors, known as hallucinations, according to Collins.


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