I give more than a beautiful body – Mo Bewa


Aspiring actress Omobewaji Oyediji, aka Mo Bewa, says she doesn’t mind people focusing on her sex appeal rather than her talent.

“I feel sorry for the people who focus on my sex appeal at the expense of my talents,” she said in an interview with Saturday Beats. .

Commenting on her previous experience in the film industry, Mo Bewa said, “My experience in the film industry was good. I don’t actually do soft landings.

At first it was difficult. But consistency, perseverance, and God’s work are getting better now.

When asked why it’s hard for actresses to find love, she said, “Yes, it’s hard for actresses to find love.

Popular culture and society in general make us think that being an actor is not a noble profession in Nigeria.

I accept it, but I believe that when a man finds love, he will understand. I can’t be with a man who judges me for my work.”




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