I had 3 pregnancies from Apostle Suleman. Halima Abubakar shared another shocking revelation.

Controversial Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has finally spoken to the general public about her romance with Omega Fire Ministry founder apostle Johnson Suleman. He sued the ailing actress for defamation, and she responded to the lawsuit by posting a video of Apostle Suleman sending her 500,000.

But in a new development, the actress spoke about her relationship and how she lost her pregnancy due to apostle Suleman and bled for many years. Halima also accused the cleric of not keeping his promise to marry her, and of being behind an unknown life-threatening illness that had plagued her for years. However, in a new Instagram Live video with comedian Princess Halima claims Suleman proposed at least seven times during their relationship. She also said that she suffered from bleeding for four years and lost three pregnancies. I’m not spiritual, and he had sex with me during my period, so I didn’t think it mattered. So I thought it was ok.

When I lost him, he cried because I lost his son. You might think it was real. I have been pregnant three times and had my last bleeding and had to take medication to stop it. “I’ve been bleeding for four years now. Even if I bleed, I slept with you. It’s dangerous and he can’t sleep with anyone, so it’s okay. I’m not a spiritual person, I don’t know what love is.

Photo of Suleman and I together at the hotel on Valentine’s Day. He even sent me some personal photos. At that time he was 41 years old. I printed out the details of the banking transaction between us,” she added.