If only you know what I went through!” Femi Adebayo tells about his stress about getting a new naira note.

Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo Salami, like the average Nigerian, has a lot to do with the lack of money in the country.

The actor complained on his Instagram page about how difficult it is to get new Naira notes, which he called gold. He also complained about the difficulty in delivering groceries due to the lack of outlets and the rejection of electronic transfers by small merchants. In short, he went through hell, but he has to share with his fans during this difficult time.

Tell me your location. I know you need this right now and I am ready to share.

Nigeria currency is how Gold. Before I saw it, I went through Hell. I wanted to buy little things. I couldn’t plantain, ewedu, pineapple. No POS/they don’t collect transfer.

Ofcourse, we are in support of a cashless society, but at least make it available. So, I am ready to share as long as your location isn’t far”.

Femi Adebayo isn’t the only actor, who has voiced out over the new note.