In this episode of Grammys’ “Herbal Tea & White Sofas,” Ayra Starr shares her backstage must-haves.


Nigerian singer-songwriter Ayra Starr strives to take a piece of home with her wherever she goes, as her tour schedule frequently requires her to travel far away from her home.

In this new episode of the Grammys‘ “Herbal Tea and White Sofas,” the singer-songwriter talks about life on tour and her must-haves backstage. When it comes to food and snacks, the singer says that noodles and gummy bears are must-haves as she uses creative techniques to make her sweet snacks and comfort food on tour taste even better.

She said:

Every backstage I have to eat noodles. Noodles are my favorite food in the whole world and it just comforts me. In Nigeria, we have noodles called indomie. I used to get it since I was a child, when I became a teenager, when I was in school. When I was in uni, I couldn’t cook, I would always just make some indomie, and as Nigerians, we know how to make things taste amazing in different ways.

Ayra Starr definitely didn’t leave out the most essential part for her, which is family. She says her brother, who is a songwriter, has to be with her on tour. She said:

My brother is a songwriter, and he’s my best friend, so he has to be with me.

Watch the video below:


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