Iretiola Doyle talks about her life as a star actress.


Nollywood screen siren Iretiola Doyle summarized some of her experiences in the fictional world.

Iretiola announced the news in a tweet, prompting a reaction from some fans.

In the beginning, all I wanted to do was an act; to perform and be seen.

It was about 5 yrs in that it struck me, omo, this “work of my hands” was supposed to bring me a fortune.

Then I began to focus on the money, and that’s where strategy began.

I became selective and it informed how I moved.

I think it was another 5 years in, and a bit of fame & fortune had found me.

I can’t remember what the public post was about now, but that’s when I experienced “going viral” for the 1st time,” she tweeted.

Continuing, she wrote, “Oh, the different interpretations – many of them totally off the mark.

Then it hit me again; whether I realised, liked, signed up for it or not; with “fame & fortune” comes a certain level of responsibility which should guide the way one moves. Wisdom, not cowardice.”

Doyle’s tweet prompted one of her followers to ask what she meant by wisdom, not cowardice as well as her understanding of the word wisdom to which she responded by saying, “..Knowing what to say, how to say it, and when.

Wisdom dictates that if words cannot be deployed carefully if they only inflame unduly, silence is a better option.

The Fifty and Wedding Party star has often admitted that she prefers not to answer certain guesses and questions instead of answering them.

Talking about how Doyle feels about things like this: “Conflict… In some cases, there is a big battle of ego…

Fortunately, in most cases, wisdom wins. Commenting on the project he is working on, his mother and grandmother are “a lot! Several films are coming out and a project that I’m really looking forward to.

Detailed information about each of them will be published in the near future.




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