It’s a shame to argue about politicians – Peju Johnson

In the run-up to the recent presidential election, many celebrities, especially Yoruba actors, are in cautious competition on social media.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, actress Paju Johnson said it’s a shame when artists go against politicians. He said, “I don’t need ivory. Everyone has the right to support a candidate of their choice. I don’t support actors fighting. I can’t be proud of it. It’s very ugly and embarrassing.”

When asked if she felt he was taking advantage of politicians and not voting for them in elections, Johnson said: “We are all Nigerians. Just because someone is my friend or my ex doesn’t mean I have to do it.” support this person’s candidacy Not true. If this person wants something different from me, I can always do it. But who I choose is my choice and my right. We all want a better country.”

When asked what to think about before marriage, she replied: “When i get married, i will think about love, but a man must have money (laughs).” If i married a man for money, i can leave him for the one i love. If I marry for money, the marriage will not last.

Being the head of a family is exhausting. My partner and I need to be able to support each other. It’s not good if it’s one-sided. I don’t want this person to be the sole breadwinner. But even if I alone provide everything, one day I will get tired.