Kpekus: No wonder your ex cheated on you. BBNaijas Khloe defeated Nedu.


BBNaija’s former roommate, Abiri Oluwabusayo, also known as Khloe, accused Nedu of sexism on Tuesday against her recent OAP (On-Air Personality) roommate BBNaija.

Vanguard previously reported in an interview with Big Brother roommate Naija Doyin that Nedu claimed that many women participated in the reality show BBNaija to sell “kpekus” (Nigerian slang for the female body).

In response to the accusation, khloe said in an Instagram comment on Angel’s page (another former roommate) that Nedu’s outburst excuses his ex-wife feigning paternity over an extramarital affair and encourages him to heal from trauma.

She said, “Angel put that short!!!” It’s not our fault that his wife gave him a bastard. Now I don’t blame wives for wanting kids for childish fucking worthless picky men… now all the women living the good life are turning around.

β€œThey don’t even see the pain and the struggle and some people will support online bullshit and forget that they are women and want to succeed in life. It’s crazy thinking.” What every woman does to earn a living is that no one cares that she hasn’t kidnapped or killed anyone.

So he started to wallow in the hotel room, but this idiot couldn’t even put 1 and 1 together and saw that it was just made to talk. I know people like him, they lie for no reason!!! Prepare something on the spot. So you walk into a room and you stand there watching who and who beats your girlfriend and then you go out and say that? LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

β€œGossip-loving and ignorant Na mumu people like you would be fools. Heal a broken heart and leave the woman alone. We are not asking you to marry a liar.


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