Lagos Based TalentQL launches AltSchool Africa, to train entry level tech talent for free

African tech talent startup, TalentQL, has today, October 21, 2021, launched AltSchool Africa. The programme is the startup’s latest attempt to create a tech talent pipeline following the launch of Pipeline, it’s mentorship and upskilling program for senior developers.

As Africa’s tech ecosystem has grown, a number of organizations have sprung up to supply tech talent for startups. After an initial focus on building entry-level talent led by the likes of Andela, the demand for senior talent meant that for a while, training entry-level engineers took a backseat.

A knock-on effect of this is that as the senior engineers get more skilled, they are more valuable to startups outside Africa. Without the ability to compete on remuneration with these foreign startups as well as the option of relocating, local startups face a huge struggle to get the right talents for their startups.

This is the problem that TalentQL is trying to solve with AltSchool Africa. For nine months, participants would receive training in software development after which they undergo a three month internship. At the end, they get a diploma certificate. Currently, the startup is partnering with the Michael and Cecilia Ibru’s University to issue these certificates.


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