Lizzy Gold asked the fuel station owner to toast her.


A fiancé who runs a fuel station to seduce her one more time. In an Instagram video, she revealed that a certain “Mr” tried several times to get her attention, but didn’t budge.

Though she explained she didn’t want him to think her change of heart was influenced by her need for fuel.

But with the recent scarcity of premium motor spirit (PMS), the movie star has developed a change of mind, wishing her admirer returns to wooing her because has realized he’s a big man who owns a filling station and she’s currently in dire need of fuel.

“There’s a man that has been asking me out since last year. This man will call me and call me, I’ll never pick his calls,” she began.

“The man will tell me, ‘Lizzy Gold, I love you. Please give me attention.’ For where?! I’ll busy the man’s calls.

And I think the man is a big man because right now, anybody that owns a filling station is a big man.

“How do I reach out to this man and tell him that I’m sorry? How do I make him understand that all these while he was calling was busy my head was full and I was busy with work?

How do I tell this man that I am sorry oooooo? Hey!! There’s money, no fuel to buy. If you see the long queue before you get fuel to buy. Jesus Christ!

Now this man will think that I because there’s fuel scarcity, that’s why I’m trying to reach out to him. He will not even listen to me.

“Sir, please sir, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Call me now. Toast me again. Sir, please toast me again because I need fuel o!

Captioning the video, she added: “Oga pls toast me again ….am sorry …I need fuel….pls pple help me beg him to toast me again ooo.”



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