Afowoslide Abinibi

Music a trait generated from my Parents – Abbey Trombone

By Adesina Kasali

Rank’s Screen presents an exclusive interview with Abbey Trombone Afowoslide, a talented trombonist, live performer, and musicologist. During the interview, he shared how his unique music genre was inspired by the natural world around him, as well as the various situations and experiences he has encountered throughout his life.

Abbey Trombone Afowoslide 

Can you tell us about your musical background and how you got started in the industry?

I started music at my early age (8) as my parents local church drummer (local drums precisely). Music kept growing in me the more I played the local drums back then. My mother was the church choir mistress. She composed, direct and also lead sing the compositions she did in most cases. So with that from my mother I got into music more.


My father also till date love music especially the Apala music from Yoruba part of Nigeria. And some of my father’s favorites Apala musicians are Ayinla Omowura, Haruna Ishola, Ayinla Kollington while my mother is more of old Sokol gospel music like the Good women music, Bola Are, Ayewa and sometimes my mother knows and sings Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, Kayode Fashola, Dele Abiodun songs and some few other naija old skools. So, my background musically is seriously an inheritance. My musical background is a long story but the long story short, music is a trait generated from my Parents. And it all got started from my tender age which was a passion and I was so serious with. Around 2002 while growing up I joined another church a bit advanced than my parents local church.


In this new advanced I was introduced to Trombone to learn cos no one plays it then and because I have passion for music that I want to keep the music flowing in me I asked if I can learn the Bass Guitar but unfortunately someone was on it already so I have no other option than to pickup the Trombone to learn if I want to keep the passion growing. The choirmaster then placed my hands on the instrument by learning part of the instrument. And then I went to Peter King College of Music for formal training and after it’s all a different story today.


What inspires your music genre and how do you approach the creative process?

My music genre got inspired by natures around me and situations I’ve experienced and am experiencing in our society. I’m a versatile musicians that cut across all genres of music which also helped in having the right rhythm for a particular song. Most times like I said the process of my creativity start with what I see, feel and interact with which is nature, and the situation in our society like I said is part of my creative process.

How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals as a musician?

The acceptance of my music style everywhere makes me remained motivated and focused especially when I began to see feedback from fans and loved ones home and abroad understanding, accepting and appreciating my produced songs and live performances with my band videos. This got me more focused and positive that one day 20 million people will accept my music, my brand and my band.


Can you share with us a particularly memorable moment or experience in your career so far?

A particular memorable moment or experience in my life was one of my stage live performances at Felabration Afrika Shrine. That particular year was my second time to perform in Afrika Shrine Felabration 2021. My band was just newly put together in November 2020 so we haven’t been in major concert like Felabration together as a band and me as an artist. Our performance that day was on Wednesday.


We got there. They announced us to come on stage to perform but before I got off stage lot of phone calls and messages were rolling in that my performance was awesome and all good feedback plus compliments. Same good feedback again in Afrika shrine Felabration 2022. Bature Brewery in Victoria Island feedback was so encouraging that keeps us performing there till date.


How do you handle criticism and negative feedback, and what advice would you give to aspiring musicians on dealing with rejection?

Anytime I faced criticism and negative feedback it’s what helps me do better because with their lemon feedback I juice it to make me lemon juice. I still face rejection, criticism, and negative feedback but I don’t lay emphasis on any of it I rather evaluate it and bring the new positive me out of it all. I get more stronger with that. My advice for any good musicians out there facing rejection is to make the rejection after evolution a better version of them, someday sometime people that reject them will accept them.


What do you think sets your music apart from others in the industry, and how do you stay true to your unique style and sound?

What really set my music apart from others in the industry is that folk part of it, the uniqueness of my trombone, music skills in arrangements, productions and compositions, and my music cut across all genres of music. And my music will live forever in the heart of human from generation to generation because it’s all conscious vibes that has the messages and stories.


How do you balance your personal life with your music career, and what sacrifices have you had to make along the way?

Personal life and music career as a musician is interwoven and it’s the sacrifice so far. My music career is totally all of me including my personal life. All I do is to keep my private life outside my music business.


What are your future goals and aspirations as a musician, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My future goals and aspirations which am seriously and sacrificially working towards achieving them is to be a big game changer as conscious vibe artist from Africa. It’s my future goal to also be a Grammy Award winner and other international awards and deals with the direction am working through with my wonderful team.


What should we be looking forward to in your upcoming project?

One of My major upcoming projects is another edition of Abbey Trombone Live in concert with Friends and opportunity to show my fans how good we are growing musically and make them enjoy music outside the conventional ways but live on stage and in concert.


This is an annual Abbey Trombone (Afowoslide) + Abinibi Groovy Band Live in Concert with Friends season 3. Many other musician friends will be in attendance such as Jesse King Buga, Seyi Solagbade, Baoku Afro Okestra, Uzo, AmEE and lots more. The date is Friday, May 05, at Freedom Park Lagos Island, Nigeria. And this year I want to promise you more music that you’ve not heard from album that will add up to your playlist soon.


Advice to up and coming talents.

To up and coming talents I say Stay focused, positive, keep working on your crafts, and believe in yourself because everything in life is time, tomorrow no one knows.