My bum is a gift from above not surgical – Angela Eguavoen


Delectable actress, Angela Eguavoen has cried out yet again that her bum is natural and not as a product of BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or surgically enhanced. The actress is particularly piqued that each time she posts her pictures on Instagram people inundate with comments and questions about having gone through the knives.

I don’t see my bum as a big deal but each time I post this particular picture people go crazy with comments that it is not real. Some even comment that they can swear it is not real. Please, this is a gift from the Almighty sculptor who finished his work on it.I think BBL and natural bodies differences are pretty obvious and not hard to discern. All BBL bodies have almost the same shapes.” she said.

While at it, she advised those that have gone or going under the knives to pay more attention to how the bum shapes out, according to her, most look disproportionate to the body carrying them.
“I have absolutely nothing against being bold enough to go under the knife or fixing any part of your body you don’t like. Like I said, “it’s your body” you decide what you want with it. But please do what fits your body and what your thighs can carry conveniently instead of overload.You pay so much for that body so make sure to go all out to the right doctor and the very perfect size for your body. Most I have seen look like a ‘square box’,” she added.



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