Naira Marley stated that Sanwo-Olu is ideal man for the job.


Nigerian singer Naira Marley broke his silence to speak about the election issues, especially those related to Lagos.

The singer, who recently tweeted that he doesn’t want to be silent anymore and is thinking about the upcoming election, announced that he will share his thoughts soon.

On Wednesday evening, Naira Marley uploaded a live video to his Instagram page expressing his support for Babajide Sanwo olu in the 2023 gubernatorial election.

Despite not belonging to any political party, the singer expressed his support for APC’s candidacy for governor of Lagos.

He also noted that significant progress has been made in infrastructure and other aspects that are understandable and accessible to all.

Despite the general reaction from fans to the announcement of their preferred nominations, Naira Marley said he could not remain silent about his choice.

He believed that Lagos was a highly developed metropolis and that people without political experience could not be trusted.



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