Nigeria expediting agro-export processes as Lilypond terminal commences full-scale operations


Nigeria is streamlining agricultural exports by initiating full-scale operations at the Lilypond terminal.

As a result, the post-harvest loss of perishable agro-allied products is diminishing.

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) also reports an uptick in the export of Nigerian commodities via the nation’s seaports, with exporters opting for Nigerian ports over neighboring countries.

During an on-site evaluation of the Lilypond Export Processing Terminal Ijora, Mohammed Bello-Koko, Managing Director of the NPA, explained that these export processing terminals serve as hubs where exporters can bring, sort, process, and document their exports before they proceed to the port for shipment.

Bello-Koko expressed satisfaction with the increase in container processing at Lilypond, which has surged by 60% in the last nine days, now handling about 300 export containers.

He praised the Nigeria Customs Services for their support and noted that discussions with Customs have led to improvements in export processing procedures.

Bello-Koko emphasized the importance of seamless export processing for Nigeria’s competitiveness and timely delivery to destinations.

Addressing issues like bad roads and extortion, the NPA is collaborating with various government agencies, including the Central Bank of Nigeria, Customs, and NAFDAC, to educate exporters on requirements and reduce delays.

Olatunji Baale, Managing Director of the Diamond Star Export Processing Terminal, added that their terminal has already gated over 300 export boxes into the port in the past nine days and can handle up to 500 export boxes weekly.

They prioritize online interactions with customers and timely release of export boxes.

While there were occasional electronic call-up system issues, the NPA is giving precedence to export processing.

The NPA has established tariffs for Export Processing Terminals to prevent double charges and reduce export costs.

Additionally, an NPA task force escorts export boxes to prevent extortion and delays during port entry.


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