Nollywood now tells more stories – Debbie Felix.


One of the actresses, Debbie Felix, now thinks she has a lot to say in Nollywood.

She told The Sunday Scoop: β€œToday, Nollywood tells stories about what is really going on in society. We also talk about politics and what is happening in schools, on the streets and at home. online and real life usage is now included in our films making them more attractive. Producers and directors are now working harder to make our films meaningful to both domestic and international audiences.

Felix reflects on what makes Nollywood different from other film industries in the world, saying: β€œAt Nollywood, we started to delve into cinematography and storytelling. More and more of our stories are already making their way to the big screen.” Character names in our films used to be foreign names like “Tracy”, “Debbie” and “Kelvin”, but now they use Nigerian names like “Ishaya”. more culture than ever.”

When asked about her new business, the actress said that her focus is fashion and home decor.



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