Obey the law, advise police to the driver relying on Google Maps


The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, has advised a driver to face legal consequences for violating traffic rules while relying on Google Maps on Saturday night.

The driver, Oyiga Michael, took to social media, explaining that he was apprehended by the police at Ijesha while using the Google Map app to find his way home.

Michael shared that the police accused them of going the wrong way and threatened to deflate their tire despite clarifications about the map’s misleading guidance.

Although Michael was eventually released, his car was impounded at the Cele Police Station, with the police demanding a payment of 30,000 Naira for its release.

Reacting to the situation on social media, Lagos PPRO Hundeyin emphasized that ignorance and relying on Google Maps are not valid excuses, urging individuals to stay calm and let the legal process unfold.

Hundeyin emphasized that the police enforce laws created by lawmakers and clarified that road signs are not within their jurisdiction.

Addressing the bribery allegation, he warned against paying bribes, stating that fines should be settled in court, not at a police station.

Michael acknowledged the mistake, expressing a commitment to learning from the experience, and Hundeyin urged adherence to the law.

In a subsequent update, Michael thanked everyone for their support, confirming his safety but mentioning that the car remained at the police station, with plans to revisit on Monday in the hope of resolving the situation.


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