Okiki Afolayan wrote a touching message celebrating his first birthday as a father.

Nollywood actor and director Okiki Afolayan wrote a touching message celebrating his first birthday as a father.

Okiki Afolayan shared a photo of himself, his wife and daughter Viola on Instagram with gratitude.

The father of two believes God has blessed him with happiness, health and peace of mind. Okiki Afolayan confessed his fidelity and love to his wife in order to change his negative thoughts about him.

The brilliant movie director also noted how his wife, Bimbo Afolayan, had inspired him and showed him the beautiful colours of marriage.

Okiki Afolayan’s birthday message

The most special day of the year has come. Happy birthday to myself

God, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this far in life.
Thank you for blessing me with life, good health, happiness and peace of mind. I’ll forever be grateful

It’s my first birthday as a FATHER and I choose to celebrate my lovely wife AGBEKEMI, @bimboafolayan, I’m very blessed that you’re my wife.

I used to think that no one could stand being married to me, but you proved me wrong.

You showed me that with the right woman, I could be the best lover, the best partner, and the best husband.

I can proudly claim myself as the happiest man in the world. And all credit goes to you,
AGBEKEMI Thanks for making my life so special.

You’ve always been my strength and the source of my inspiration, having you in my life completes me!
Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to me.

I hope you know your existence is the most precious gift to me. I love you so much. I will forever treasure you❤️❤️

God, my prayer today is to please keep sadness and anxieties out of my heart and mind.

Bless me with a long life filled with joy, health, and prosperity.