Omotunde Adebowale The ‘Lolo’ actress talks about her near-death experience as a survivor of a gas explosion.


Nollywood and OAP actress Omotunde Adebowale talks about surviving a gas explosion

The ‘Jennifer’s Diary’ actress revealed that Thursday wasn’t real for her and she accepted the fact that God had saved her and her daughter from certain death.

The affectionately known Lolo told the story of her daughter coming home from school with health problems and trying to make sauce.

Lola said she tried to light the oil to set fire to the frying pan. “Yesterday was real for me and I just got what God gave me and my daughter. Help me tell you how wonderful God is.

My daughter came home from school with a healthy dose of fear. But first, God made the devil lie… and thank God.

I was going to make a special school sauce and wanted to bleach the butter, so I closed the door to the kitchen to keep the smoke out of the living room.

When he opened the kitchen door, the pot was already on, reaching up to the kitchen ceiling.

All I call is the Holy Spirit, help me. Usually I panic, stay calm, keep asking the Holy Spirit for help, and we always know what to do. I did not call anyone, and with God’s help, the situation was settled and the fire was prevented.

I have growing children, so my kitchen is full of plastics.. the has was outside I first switched off the gas put off the burner Wet a big towel and covered the frying pan. I can’t believe I didn’t panic and Ara didn’t unbelievable. Our combination naturally would have gone to panic mode but as we left this morning she said something that struck me. _@hey_ara said mum when I called from school all you said was Holy Spirit and you started to prays and when this happened too all you said was Holy Spirit and you started to pray.

The enemy is defeated because this year I will receive everything that God promised. If you have nothing to thank God for, thank God for me. I really serve a living God who can take care of himself.

OBA Awon OBA I am not ashamed to call you father and Jesus my savior. THANK YOU ABBA”.





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