Thanks to Him, the creator of this planet named Earth performed such an amazing job of building it with such beautiful and precise accuracy that it has never and will never be reproduced by any human or immortal man. The terms “life” and “the world,” which are used interchangeably by the inhabitants of this planet, refer to the same thing. The world or life has been shaped by these limited and mortal humans, who have also unlocked the Pandora’s boxes of forbidden knowledge.


The worst version of us have railroaded the best version of the world’s inhabitants, especially this generation, while those who claim to have knowledge have lost their intrinsic ability to distinguish what is right or wrong; in fact, right and wrong have clustered together beyond separation, and to differentiate what is right from what is good is an uncharted territory with no compass to navigate to this trajectory.


This age has effectively carved and formed three distinct worlds within this constantly rotating universe, which I termed the TRIPARTITE WORLD, all while acting with excellent coordination. under the pretense of omniscience and omni-knowledge. This generation has carved out three distinct worlds, and each of those worlds has a unique culture that directs the intensity and goals of each.

Corporate World

Corporate-Street World

Street-Street World

Each globe has its own set of sturdy henchmen that personify their culture, and it’s written all over them. Remember, you will recognize them by their fruit. Part of the reason the world (Street Street) has fallen to its current state is because all of its residents withhold their best, and those who do deploy their best do mental, bodily, and financial harm to their victims. They do not follow either the law or the prophetic spirit. They do not bring everything that is within the limitations of the finest version of themselves into their world, and as a result, the world is diminished.


Please allow me to zoom out of the street-street realm and provide a brief overview of this planet. This is the world I’ve dubbed the “Cottage of Vices,” having lived and dined in it for over a decade.


There are subgroups of the street-street world in this street-street world. The entire street-street universe revolves around the motto “Street is Strict.” This is one of the most stone-cold, empathy-free, stone-hearted, and hazardous three-letter words you can imagine because it embodies every heinous deed or act your conscious mind can imagine. I concluded that these three-letter terms had been imported from the terrible Bronze Age.


This is a world where people lend credibility to things that have no meaning or substance. The only time they think profoundly is when they are broke; they will appear so broken, and the most modest version of them that you will always find wanting will emerge from a blue sky due to a lack of income. Street-Street World is a sweet world of euphoria in which there is a low social distribution of sanity due to a shortage of sanity, and it’s a large community in which no one is accessible to tell you when you aren’t sane but they feel exhilarated and catch cruise, making a fool of yourself. It’s a world with a strong frequency that interlinks its inhabitants, and there lies a strong ideological echo chamber that’s impenetrable.


It’s a marketplace where you purchase and sell mendacity, and you cry at any attempt to sell veracity. This is when you’ll see people stoning you with their favorite insults, such as “Ko ni orientation,” which means “lacks orientation,” or “Omo Asee,” which means “simple, dumb, or clown. Unfortunately, the flood of their illogical views has flowed to the corporate-street world and corporate world.


Once immersed in the infertile soil of the street-street world, no seed of goals, dreams, or passion can sprout; the temperament, rhythm, and cadence have the ability to choke out those ambitions, aims, or passions. They are all working through the kinks of their emotions. Because nothing of value or substance has a place in their mind, both genders in the street-street world are overgrown boys and girls who have numbed and knocked themselves out with wild pleasures.


But you’ll adore the world; it doesn’t care if you’re illiterate or not, but we’d prefer educated-illiterate; there’s no prejudice. In this society, love is a mix of passion and infatuation, and both genders have become objects of pleasure with little care for themselves. Logical logic is prohibited ground in our world; just convey your feelings, and we’ll all dance to our instincts. It’s time to cut your life short.


Money is the sixth sense of the residents of the street-street world; the other five senses are powered by money; the more spendthrifts burn it and forgers fake it, the more the spender’s worth is inflated, and yes, there is a yardstick for measuring self-worth in this pyschotic world.


The majority of folks on the street have lost touch with reality; their favorite motto is “street orientations,” and their thoughts are essentially subjective, spontaneous, and shallow. This is why they function on a different level of impoliteness, and any attempt to present any contrary objective ideas will be treated with animosity. What a narrow-minded universe of floating bubbles can you imagine? This is an ethereal realm of groupthinkers with a distinct, unruly sameness and a powerful belief system. They are consumed by the acquisition of commonplace goods; failing to conform to their unruly sameness or buy into their belief system will result in your cliques castigating you and potentially revolting against you.


They don’t watch their imaginations on the street; this is where the worst part of them expresses itself, and they’ll show you horrible things about yourself that will shock you since they don’t live a conscious-oriented existence.


The street-street world is a dangerous place that will consume your true essence. The only cure to this world is to never consider exploring it if you are not mentally prepared with a strong moral foundation.


By Adedapo Adewale Temitayo



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