Paradox of Progress and Patriotism – The Unpatriotic Response to Nigeria’s Advancements.


🇳🇬 Paradox of Progress and Patriotism – The Unpatriotic Response to Nigeria’s Advancements.


Recently, Nigeria has experienced significant advancements across various sectors under President Tinubu’s leadership, eliciting mixed reactions among the populace. Many Nigerian citizens applaud the improvements in security, economy, health, education and more, while a segment, predominantly from opposition parties, displays discontent and even hostility towards these positive changes.


This discord stems from entrenched political rivalries and divergent ideologies. Notably, during the distressing abductions of schoolchildren in regions like Kaduna, Sokoto and environs, some opposition supporters used these events as a platform to criticise the government, exhibiting joy over the incidents rather than showing solidarity or concern. This reaction highlights a troubling level of political polarisation, where progress is often viewed through the narrow lens of partisan agendas instead of as a collective national achievement.


Similarly, the economic strides made by the Tinubu administration, such as the stabilisation of the Naira by Tinubu’s ACE team comprising of Adedeji, Cardoso and Edun, improvement of international financial ratings, and innovative initiatives like the student loan scheme and the local refining of crude oil by Dangote refinery, have met with a lukewarm reception from some quarters. Initially, there was noticeable schadenfreude when the Naira faltered against major currencies, indicating that a portion of the populace seemed to prefer governmental failures as a validation of their political beliefs. This trend, though not unique to Nigeria, suggests a broader issue where political loyalty may overshadow an unbiased evaluation of governmental success.


The root of this antagonism often lies in the refusal of certain groups to accept electoral outcomes and a general frustration of their inability to draw support to their political base. Constructive criticism is essential for a thriving democracy, promoting accountability and continuous governmental improvement. However, when opposition results in wishing harm or failure upon one’s own country to score political points, it becomes detrimental rather than constructive. Looking ahead, encouraging an environment that encourages constructive criticism, independent of political affiliations and focused on national progress, could help mend these divisions and lead to a more unified approach to overcoming national challenges.


At its core, patriotism is driven by deep love and commitment to one’s nation, ideally rising above the divisive nature of political rivalries and personal biases. True patriotism means cultivating a collective identity and transcending ethnic, religious, or political divisions. It involves not only celebrating the nation’s achievements but also engaging in constructive dialogue to address its challenges. True patriotism calls for criticism and opposition that seek genuine national improvement rather than undermining the country’s successes for political gain.


It is profoundly disheartening and counterproductive when individuals and cyber bullies, driven by political bitterness following electoral losses, choose to denigrate their own country and wish ill upon it. Such behaviour not only undermines the spirit of democracy but also stalls collective progress. The essence of a truly democratic society is grounded in constructive opposition that aims to uplift rather than destabilise. Those who indulge in wishing failure upon their nation out of spite or disappointment betray the very principles of patriotism and civic responsibility.


As we continue to navigate the path towards growth and stability, it is crucial that all citizens, regardless of political affiliation, rally behind the collective good and champion their country’s successes as a unified front. In doing so, we honour the democratic process and contribute to our nation’s enduring strength and prosperity.


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