Parenting is a whole lot of responsibilities- Sola Sobowale

NOLLYWOOD veteran Sola Sobowale has charged parents to take full responsibility for their kids irrespective of any circumstances.

The actress, who renewed her popularity with her role in King Of Boys, noted that children were not asked to be born so when parents eventually bring them to life, they must take full responsibility.

She said this during a recent interview while discussing her role in the lives of her kids.

Sobowale disclosed that she had to do menial jobs in the United Kingdom to fend for her children while leaving big acting roles back in Nigeria.

Children were not asked to be born but the moment that you decide that you want to have children, then you must be ready to take full responsibility of those children,” she said.

“You don’t bring them to this world to suffer or for anybody else to take care of them. You brought them, so stay with them and do the work.

“My parents were retired principal and head mistress (May their souls rest in peace) I know what they did for me and my siblings and I know the value of education, that is the only legacy you can give to children.

“I moved my children to London and I left them there and came back to Nigeria and I was monitoring them. A month after I got back to England to see them, they weren’t the kids that I took there, then that motherly touch was not there and I decided to stay back with them and forget stardom. To guide my children, to make them somebody in life. to give them the legacy I could give, to nurture and take care of them and to God be the glory they are successful now.”