Partner Address: Baby, Honey, Pumpkin Demonic- Soul E Baba

Former secular musician Emmanuel Ifechukwude Okose, aka Soul E Baba, denounces the modern female partner-targeting style.

The General Overseer of New Evidence Christian Church of God aka The Evidence Place argued addressing one’s hubby or boyfriend as baby, love, honey, pumpkin and others were unscriptural and purely demonic.

He says this explains why many men behave like babies and stick to their partners’ predictions.

The pastor urged women to imitate the biblical Sarah, addressing their “interlocutor” as “my Lord” and seeing that this name has such a positive impact on their lives.

According to him: “Sarah called her husband ‘My lord’”. We live in a generation where I hear women call their husbands or their boyfriends, baby, honey, pumpkin, my love, my heartbeat. All those things are not scriptural, they are demonic.

“Let me tell you something, when you call your husband, baby. No wonder we have so many babies, not mature men. He behaves like a baby. He doesn’t take responsibility because your prophecy is from your mouth.

“But when you call your husband or your man, ‘My lord’; lord means responsibility. Lord means I take responsibility for this environment, I provide for the woman need to be cared for.”