People can’t stop living fake lives – Doyin BBN


Big Brother Nige Doyinsola’s former roommate David, also known as Doyin, believes that some people can’t stop living fake lives. In an interview with the Sunday Scoop, he said: β€œfake living cannot be eradicated. Sometimes you have to look for parts to get parts, but when packing, you need to take care of the contents.

I am a liar. Especially in Lekki. I experienced a ridiculous level of fake life.

If you say no. I have a friend who went through this too, imagine you meet a guy and in less than a week he asks you for a loan, I know there are many people in Lekki with that tone and quality but with a lot of fake people it’s very, very rich, but I think everyone should live the way they want to live.”

Reflecting on his experience at BBN, he said, β€œLife after Big Brother Naija was like a rollercoaster ride.

There have been ups and downs, but there’s no denying that it’s been an enjoyable ride so far.”

Doyin explains the idea that BBN housemates have more money than their male counterparts: BBN roommates are funded by men.

I strongly disagree that BBN women only succeed because of men.

I know a woman who was on this show and put her heart, soul, sweat, brains and finances into a project that made it huge and was able to build a successful career for herself.

It would be misogynist to think that women cannot succeed without male influence.


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