Politics of Media attacks on Lagos – Calabar Coastal Road


– 100 yrs ago, the entire place was land owned by the Oniru family.


– ⁠Over a century, the beach was lost to the ocean till the erosion started threatening Victoria Island till the early 2000s

– ⁠2003 – BAT engaged Hitech to build the “Wall of Lagos”, reclaim the land, and build Eko Atlantic. Reached an agreement with Oniru before the project on ownership of the land to be reclaimed.


– ⁠2007 – the idea of the coastal road was birthed to start from Eko Atlantic.


– ⁠2007 – Landmark bought property backing the “ocean” which is e basically land that is based on plan will be reclaimed. A clearly marked fence that ends just before the water that is based on a plan will be reclaimed.

– ⁠2017 – Landmark went to his “backyard and created a football pitch” on a land that he didn’t buy and was collecting money.


– ⁠2018 – Landmark continued expanding on land that they didn’t buy, building shanties and charging money.

– ⁠2019-20 – Landmark grew bolder and was selling shops space on the beach to businesses. I have to emphasize, on the beach front, that he did not buy.


– ⁠Around 2019/20, Oniru beach also opened up.

– ⁠Around 2021, LaCampagne also joined them.


– ⁠2023 – Lekki Deep seaport was completed, opening up additional economic activity on the coastal line.

– ⁠2023 – BAT was elected. Coastal Hitech revisited their old friend and proposed to start phase 1 that links Eko Atlantic to Deep Seaport.


– ⁠2024 – Project started. Road is supposed to pass through Landmark’s “backyard that they didn’t buy.


– ⁠FG gave notice to everyone, including Onirus (that owned the land before it was lost to the sea) and LaCampagne.


– ⁠Everybody knew this day would come, so everybody Jejely vacated land that they knew they did not buy. Landmark said lailai and started media rounds.


– ⁠2024 – Landmark claimed they have a $200m investment on the beach.


– ⁠Umahi visited and conceded that rather than have 100m corridor, the one at his side will be 50 meters, and gave Landmark engineering tips to retain the tourism.


– ⁠Landmark said the coastal road should pass in front of the property, not the back. The front is a 2 lane road. The coastal road is supposed to be 10 lanes. With 100 meters corridor. Landmark’s proposal will actually affect the land he bought, if accepted.


– ⁠Last weekend, Umahi carried on as planned. Destroyed the shanties on the beach worth “$200m”.



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