Ranks Africa Partners Unstoppable Super Star LAYCON in ICONIC EDITION of Ranks Magazine

Ranks Africa is up to something with The Lockdown ICON who is now Unstoppable Superstar ‘LAYCON’ with forefront Fanbase ICONS, who are currently redefining Fanbase ideologies and goals.

The partnership is to produce a Single- Character Magazine which intends to holistically capture the life, career growth and creativity of LAYCON who have distinguished himself as REALTY STAR AND RAPPER with uncommon melodies. Ranks Magazine has a tripartite motive of; serving as a compendium for the personality, x-raying the known and revealing the unknown of the personality and promoting the works and creativity of the personality.

The September Male Edition is nicknamed ICONS EDITION to illuminate the positive beacons in a sea of negativity, especially at a time like this when youths of this age are finding entertainment and self-reliance unworthy.

The September Editon will be out on the 10th September also open for partnership in form of adverts and promotions.

ICONS, let’s do this for the culture.  READ NOW

For Advert Placement: +23480875771401 or Email info@RanksAfrica.com

Photographer @Lopeze_photography

Stylist : @leereeksthestylist

Creative Director: @rhwaley