Regina Chukwu chooses Asoebi as a condition of attending her housewarming party..


Actress, entrepreneur and single mother of two, Regina Chukwu, made it a condition for fans to visit her mansion.

Regina Chukwu proudly shows off her new home, talking about how hard life was as a single mother after the death of her husband and children’s father, and how she had to move to her father’s house after her husband’s death when she could not afford a house.

Cover your rent. She also found that he had to meet many of his siblings and parents in the same room and sleep outside behind mosquito nets.

Since the new house was opened, congratulations have been pouring in and a luxurious housewarming is planned.

According to the actress, who has received donations and financial support from fans and colleagues, the housewarming will be extravagant.

However, when several fans expressed their desire to attend the party, Regina Chuwu forced her to buy an Asoebi First before accepting the invitation.

She captioned:

“Who is getting for my party
House warming/birthday party
It’s abt to be litttyyyyy

AsoEbi available cos o ma loud gan niiii”


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