Revealed! Dirty secrets in Davido and Sophia Momodu’s love tangle


Davido and Sophia Momodu’s love tangle is a paradox. The more one thinks it is all over, the more it gathers steam. The more one looks at it, the less one sees. And the less attention one gives it, the more revelations it yields.

Their rambunctious relationship lasted for five years, yet it seemed unending. It seemed their rollercoaster love affair was never going to end. For each time they were about to call it quits, it bopped out of the deep with more feverishness and heightened fervour.


And the more they confessed their love for each other, even making their affection public, the more they drifted apart.


The more they drifted apart? Sure. And at the moment they have drifted apart again; this time more than ever imagined over child custody rights issue. Yet the relationship has never generated the kind of storm it has engendered recently.


The rollercoaster love affair was kick-started in 2013. Still, since it seemed doomed to fail due to the shaky foundation on which it was built, it had a very short span, ending in 2017.


Yet it has yielded more controversies than other relationships Davido has been involved with; since as soon as they first confessed their love for each other, they had been embroiled in one controversy or the other.


Now the duo are at it again. They have been lately at each other’s throats and baying for each other’s blood. While Davido has filed a suit demanding joint custody of their child Imade, Sophia, for her part, filed a counter suit stating reasons why Davido is not capable of raising the child alone.


Their present imbroglio has not only gone viral, it has divided netizens. While some are in support of Davido, others, mostly the female folks are standing solidly behind Sophia with their full chest.


The fight between the once upon a time love birds has been so protracted, intense and stretched out that it has also involved other members of their families, notably Davido’s father Dr Adedeji Adeleke and Sophia’s uncle Dele Momodu. While Davido’s father’s role has been mediatory, Momodu has always supported his niece.


Yet, despite the efforts family members have put to resolve the lingering issue, they have come to naught. This is because the love tangle has been plagued by some dirty secrets, some of which started right from the beginning of the relationship, which inevitably made it crashed from the get-go.


The age difference between them notwithstanding – Sophia is seven years older than Davido – and despite the differences over finances, there are other oddities that worked against the relationship right from the outset.


Davido once confessed that he never wanted to put Sophia in the family way. He said he was not in love with her and wasn’t ready to be a dad at the time. According to the singer, he never knew Sophia was pregnant until the second semester of her pregnancy.


“When the second trimester of Sophia’s pregnancy was closing, she tortuously announced to me that she was in the family way. My mind was bemused, and so was my soul confused. But I quickly realized that nothing more could be done to alter my status as a father-to-be.


“I knew that I was not ready to be a dad. Still, I adjusted myself to the realities of my new situation and the consequences of my past personal indiscretions.


“I made the determination that I was going to be a good dad. I also reasoned that my blunder is not enough pretext to make me a husband.


“I was just 21. And so I decided to be a responsible dad without being husband to the mother of my baby. I never was in love with Sophia neither was marriage ever in the offing,”Davido said.


Davido also revealed he wasn’t sure he was responsible for the pregnancy until after Imade’s delivery and a DNA test proved he was the dad. He also called Sophia a drifter who had no dime, education nor career, referencing the fact that Sophia is way placer than him.


“My compassion, ignorance, naivety and poor judgment had combined to make me a victim to a much older lady with super cunning sense that was mixed with a vicious and diabolical nature. I stand accused but calmly accepted my responsibility for the sad misadventure that caused me to be a seat-mate with Sophia on a plane that was flying nowhere,” he said.


Davido also hinted at the life of debauchery Sophia was allegedly living at the time and the fact that she was addicted to marijuana and how that addiction affected his child, Imade, which explained the reason he wanted to take her to Dubai for tests and treatment.


“She often left Imade home for clubbing, binge drinking and a life of debauchery and deviant living. She would sleep all day and party all night. When awake, she was addicted to the telephone and cannabis. She paid the baby no attention at all and seemed to despise motherhood and parenting.


“Imade was in her custody for two straight months, unchallenged and uninterrupted, until the baby took badly and severely ill in July. Imade cried, ceaselessly, for 48 hours. She was rushed to the hospital where her condition confounded medical experts. Several tests were conducted on her and later on the mother.


“Medical reports, herein attached (exhibit 1), proved that Sophia’s blood was polluted to the maximum level with cannabis and she had by the process of breast feeding infected her child with complicated medical conditions associated with the use of alcohol and especially cannabis.


“The trouble spot for Imade was her lungs. She had difficulty breathing largely because of the contaminated breast milk and the severity of the “Second Smoke” of marijuana inhaled by the poor child,” Davido added.


But Sophia objected to it, claiming that he wanted to take the child away from her. Sophia, however, denied all the allegations and presented a drug test that proved she was clean.


Meanwhile, Davido himself is not a saint. He has his own baggage, which add up to the dirty secrets that defined their relationship. Davido has over the years been notorious for philandering. That he has several baby mamas is in the public domain.


As William Congreve once said, “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.” Sophia is already hurt and licking the wounds she sustained in the failed relationship, what with Davido and Chioma’s recent wedding.


And at the moment, she is a wounded lion and feeling hurt from how she claims Davido who she calls a deadbeat dad has treated her and her daughter Imade.


So, when Davido stirred the hornet’s nest by filing a suit demanding joint custody of their daughter, Sophia felt it was her time to take her pound of flesh and filed a counter suit in which she revealed many sordid things about Davido.


Sophia had said that she never planned to be a single mum and that one of her worst fear was to be a single mum.


“I used to have a lot of fear but the worst fear has happened to me so I’m not longer afraid of anything. I never wanted to raise a child alone but now I’m doing it, so nothing scares me again.


“I can say anything I want because nobody can do anything to me. But I’m also scared of being a billionaire since they say your worst fear happens to you,” Sophia was quoted as saying.


Sophia claimed that she and Davido dated between 2013 and 2017. While Davido met Chioma and fell in love with her at first sight in 2015. That means while Davido was still dating Sophia, he also started a relationship with Chioma.


In the counter suit that Sophia filed, she alluded to the fact that even though Davido was deeply in love with Chioma and both of them already had their son Ifeanyi, he was still going back to her, whenever he was in heat, thus using her as a sex slave.


Sophia submitted that Davido kept going to her whenever he wanted to satisfy his sexual urge under the pretext of seeing his daughter.


“He (Davido) always used the condition of making myself available for his sexual pleasures as a precondition to visit our daughter or show some fatherly love to her.


“The applicant, apart from his cravings for sex, only comes around to spend time with our daughter when he wants to use our daughter for his media stunts or promotion.


“When I noticed that the intention for coming late at night to my house was not to visit our daughter but to seek sexual favour, even after our relationship had ended, I told him to desist from such late-night visits, as our daughter, who needed to be in school in the morning, would have slept at the time of his late-night visits.


“It was when I refused the applicant’s ingress into my house at ungodly hours of the night on the pretext of visiting our daughter that he decided to stop visiting or calling our daughter and this has been the pattern with the applicant all through his relationship with our daughter.


“Whenever I refused to be his sex slave, he would stop caring for his daughter and abandon her and use the fact of our daughter’s sadness due to his absence to force me to accede to his unwholesome demands,” she said.


To back up her claims, Sophia posted the screenshot of the 2020 WhatsApp conversation she had with Davido in which the artiste was asking Sophia for phone sex, which she included as part of her evidence in their ongoing custody battle.


Still, while netizens are divided over the issue, the question many are asking is; when did things start getting awry?


And as many wait with baited breath to see how things turn out, one thing is clear: it is not yet over with the duo. While nothing stops Davido from going back to Sophia to have a one night stand with her, as he has always done, even though he is now legally married to Chioma, the mother of his twins, nothing stops Sophia too from spilling more beans now or in the near future, as she seeks redress.


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