Shaibu humbly requests Obaseki’s forgiveness


The Edo State Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu, expressed a heartfelt plea for forgiveness from Governor Godwin Obaseki, acknowledging any unintentional mistakes he may have made while carrying out his duties.

He made this plea during an address to the media (excluding PUNCH) on Friday, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a successful conclusion to the current administration’s term in the state.

Shaibu, speaking after being honored as the Grand Patron of the Catholic Men Organisation of Nigeria in the Catholic Archdioceses of Benin, reiterated his unwavering loyalty to the govern

He underscored his commitment to the vow he had made to support the governor, seeking a restoration of their previous strong relationship in the coming weeks.

The deputy governor emphasized that any errors he might have made were purely human and not driven by malice, asserting his clean heart.

He took the opportunity to appeal to Governor Obaseki, requesting forgiveness for any mistakes, known or unknown, to enable them to collaborate in developing the state in the remaining year of their administration.

Shaibu acknowledged the envy their unique relationship had garnered nationwide, highlighting their shared goal of concluding their term on a strong note.

He pledged to fulfill any responsibilities assigned to him by the governor and expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him by the Catholic Men Organisation.

Barr. Austin Odigie, the CMO President of the Archdiocese of Benin, explained that the decision to honor Shaibu was based on his unwavering commitment to church activities and his willingness to actively participate in various church events, including serving Mass during Father’s Day celebrations, a distinction that set him apart from other deputy governors.

Archbishop Augustine Akubeze is set to personally invest him on September 24 during the first Mass.


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