Sirbalo explains why attractive women are depicted in the play.


A popular content creator, Timothy Obotuke, aka Sirbalo, says he features well-endowed women in most of his skits because that is the trend in the industry.

He toldย Saturday Beats, โ€œI am only following the trend. Using endowed women in skits has become a selling point many skit makers use. I am not the only doing that; there are many other skit makers like me. Once upon a time, it was not about women with big backsides. But now, they have become a selling point in the skit-making industry. It is what Nigerians like. I am only giving my fans what they want.โ€

The comedian also maintained his personality off-screen is different from the characters he plays in skits. He said, โ€œWe are completely opposite characters. Sirbalo gives the public what they want to see and watch, while Timothy has other interests that are totally different from Sirbaloโ€™s character.โ€

Sirbalo also noted that contrary to what some people might think, he had been in the entertainment industry for a whole, having worked as a film director. He added, โ€œVenturing into skit making was something I never knew I would do as I used to be a movie director. Becoming a skit maker was not so easy, because I was also a shy person; and the financial cost (of creating content) was not easy either. To succeed as a skit maker, one has to be consistent, be ready to learn from people and always improve on oneโ€™s craft.โ€


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