Sisi Eko: Olori Temitope Ogunwusi Advocates Cultural Education for the Next Generation


Last weekend, Vicmob Schools Lagos hosted a spectacular evening of arts and cultural celebration with their rendition of the play “Sisi Eko: Lagos Women of All Seasons.”

The event drew esteemed guests, including Her Regal Majesty, Olori (Dr.)Mrs. Temitope Ogunwusi, who was thoroughly impressed by the students’ performances in music, dance, and acting.

In an interview with Adesina Kasali (Medullar Concept), the media and PR director for the play, Olori expressed her elation at witnessing the students’ brilliance on stage. She emphasized the significance of nurturing and grooming children to embrace their culture and traditions, noting that firsthand experiences leave a lasting impact on their understanding.

She commended the students for showcasing their talents and highlighted the importance of preserving Lagos’ rich history and the Yoruba heritage traced back to Ile Ifẹ.

The evening served as a captivating display of talent and cultural pride, leaving attendees in awe of the students’ remarkable performances and underscoring the importance of cultural education and heritage preservation.


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