The father of MohBad reveals a dream he had about his son just two days before his tragic passing


Mr. Joseph Ayoba, the father of the late artist known as Mohbad, whose real name was Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Ayoba, has shared a haunting dream he had just two days before his son’s tragic passing.

The popular ‘Ko Por Ke’ singer sadly passed away on a Tuesday and was laid to rest in Ikorodu the following day, a heart-wrenching farewell attended by grieving family members, friends, and sympathizers.

In an emotional interview with online blogger @og_baba1 on Wednesday, Mr. Ayoba characterized his relationship with his late son as more akin to friendship than a traditional father-son dynamic.

He also recounted their last moments together, recalling a visit to Mohbad’s home the preceding Saturday where they enjoyed a meal together.

Mr. Ayoba fondly referred to Mohbad as “Oladimeji,” signifying a close bond, stating, “Mohbad is my friend. I called him Oladimeji (meaning my second) because I’m the only son of my parents. We were close.

The last day we met, which was last Saturday, I went to his house, and we dined together. When I was leaving, he also gave me some money, as he always did.”

However, a shadow of foreboding loomed over Mr. Ayoba as he revealed a distressing dream he had experienced two days prior to the tragic event. In the dream, he witnessed someone attempting to harm him with a gunshot.

Little did he know that this premonition would foreshadow the devastating loss of his son.

Regarding the circumstances leading to his son’s untimely demise, Mr. Ayoba shared, “According to what I heard from people, though I don’t believe it, was that an auxiliary nurse administered an injection to him, and that could have led to anything.”

In the wake of Mohbad’s passing, an outpouring of tributes continues to flood in from colleagues and devoted fans across various social media platforms, commemorating the talented artist’s life and artistry.


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