The journey has been far from easy – Actor David Akande


Filmmaker David Akande chronicles his arduous journey in the film industry, offering insight and encouragement to aspiring filmmakers. His journey has been anything but easy, yet he perseveres with a passion for the craft.Β 

I have been on a long and winding journey since I graduated from university in 2013. After completing my National Youth Service Corps in 2014, I decided to pursue a career in film and applied to film school. I graduated in 2015 and officially joined the film industry in 2016.


The journey has been far from easy. I have had to squat in a face-me-I-face-you house, wash people’s clothes and cars, and run errands to make ends meet. I never saw it as suffering, but rather as lessons. I also had to trek long distances to teach JAMB and WAEC classes and do TV shows, for which I was paid a meager 1,000 Naira twice a week. I saved this money for transport to attend auditions.

Surviving in Lagos was especially tough for someone like me who had grown up in Ilorin. I had to be strong and determined, and at times I even had to sleep in a bus. It wasn’t until 2022 that I started getting paid for jobs in the film industry, eight years after completing my National Youth Service Corps.

In 2019, I experienced a difficult setback that I still cannot bring myself to talk about. I left the place where I was learning filmmaking and acting jobs became scarce. To survive, I had to subtitle movies. My career was essentially paused.

It wasn’t until 2021, after a lot of prayer and determination, that I was able to start over. My first official work after the pause was ALAISE, and thankfully it was a success. I am still finding my way and praying to God for guidance, as He knows where I want to be.

I trust his process and I’m not in a hurry. I don’t have everything, but I’m content with the little I have. I’m not embarrassed by my humble beginnings and my growth process. I have faith in God and I will never give up!


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