The Legacy of Hubert Ogunde: A Testament to the Power of Education


While scrolling through my feed, I stumbled upon a remarkable revelation. It turns out that Hubert Ogunde, the legendary Nigerian playwright and actor, was not only a cultural icon but also a staunch advocate for education. The impact of his commitment to learning is evident in the success of his children, who have flourished into accomplished individuals.

One such example is Owobo Ogunde, who portrayed the character of Bashorun in Kunle Afolayan new released movie Anikulapo The Ride of Spectre. Watching his recent interview on Channels TV, I couldn’t help but marvel at the resemblance between him and his father. Yet, beyond their physical likeness, Owobo achievements stand as a testament to the values instilled by Hubert Ogunde.

It’s fascinating to learn that Owobo Ogunde, is actually the youngest child in the family. This underscores Hubert Ogunde’s unwavering dedication to providing opportunities for all his children, regardless of birth order.

Reflecting on the Ogunde family’s journey, it’s clear that education was paramount in their upbringing. The diverse career paths pursued by Hubert Ogunde’s children – from geology to nursing to law – exemplify the breadth of opportunities that arise from a solid educational foundation.

Owobo Ogunde acting a white man in a stage play “Things Fall Apart” in the year 1991

Hubert Ogunde’s legacy is not just about his contributions to Nigerian theatre; it’s also about his enduring belief in the transformative power of education. Despite the challenges of polygamy, he ensured that each of his children had access to learning, thereby equipping them with the tools to carve out their own paths in life.

In a society where some may dismiss the importance of education, Hubert Ogunde’s story serves as a poignant reminder of its value. His legacy continues to inspire, proving that with determination and opportunity, individuals can defy expectations and achieve greatness.


Written By Adesina Kasali



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