The meaning and history of the cowrie shell

Cowrie shell has many uses and meanings. It has been used as money in many cultures.

They are famous for religious jewelry and accessories all over the world. Found in the Indian Ocean and the Sahara Desert.

Cowrey shells were important throughout much of ancient Africa. His influence extended to China.

There it was a form of currency, so the Chinese used this form to engrave banknotes. Wherever cowrie shells are found, they almost always symbolize wealth and fertility.

Spiritual meaning. In African legends, the love for shells suggests that they may be souls, like a sea of ​​wealth and land.

It also symbolizes the guardian deity of the sea. In Africa and America, kauri symbolizes destiny and prosperity.

It is also considered the mouth of the Orisha.

He is believed to have taught stories of humility and respect.

Cowrie Shell are attractive jewelrys and decorations for many people today.

Whether jewelry or handicrafts, cowrie shells have an exotic African touch.